The story behind 30 Goal Focused Days

The story behind 30 Goal Focused Days

Thinking about making changes is part of being human

This site was created to solve a common problem – how to change ideas of what we want to have and be into reality. Many people have done similar things, and many people have made a lot of money off selling these ideas. 

However, we believe that simple tools to help with daily life should be free, and that’s become the core value of the 30 Goal Focused Days program. People are the experts in their own lives, and should always be in the driver’s seat of the direction their lives take. 

There’s one thing we want you to keep in mind as you work through your 30 days:

“Don’t change much.”

When change happens suddenly, it rarely leads to long term growth. Break problems down, celebrate the even the smallest successes, and be confident that each day is part of your journey. 

Start your 30 goal focused days today

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