Mental health is part of everyone’s health. We provide evidence based training to organizations and individuals that improves daily lives.

We offer training in:

Mental health first aid

Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of the four most common types of mental health problems, and how to provide effective help. This is the most popular program of it’s type in Canada, and is useful for workplaces, student groups, front line staff, first responders, and many others.


Thoughts of suicide are a part of life for many people. We offer two workshops about suicide. One covers the causes and impacts of suicide in Canada, and one is a 3.5 hour training that prepares participants to talk openly about suicide, recognize when individuals might be thinking of suicide, and take steps to keep safe.


Up to 35% of all sick days taken in Canada are due to mental health. Workplaces that promote mental well being in staff save money by reducing absenteeism, reducing presenteeism, and increasing retention. Our online or in-person Workplace Workshops are a great place to start with building mental wellness into your workplace.

MHFA is a program of the Mental Health Commission of Canada. 

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What you learn

Students learn the five basic actions of MHFA, along with signs, symptoms, and treatments available for substance use disorders, mood related disorders, anxiety and trauma related disorders, and psychotic disorders

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to effectively provide first aid for individuals experiencing mental health problems or crises. Students receive a nationally recognized certificate.

Course Format

MHFA is a 12-hour, in person course. It can be offered over two full days, or four half days. Details about minimum and maximum class sizes can be found in the "Book a Course" section below.

What our students say

Average Student Feedback about the quality of our instructor:
James was very good at keeping this course interesting - well presented!
Recovery Centre Staff Member
Vancouver, BC
I had a great experience with this course, and reccommend it to everyone!
Community Member
Richmond, BC

What you learn

How suicide is a serious community health problem that is often misunderstood
How personal and community beliefs about suicide affect suicide stigma and safety

Learning Outcomes

How the steps taught in LivingWorks’ safeTALK program can be used to help prevent suicide
How to get involved in life protection, preservation, and promotion activities in the community

Course Format

suicideTALK is a 90-minute in person workshop

What you learn

How to recognize invitations that someone might be thinking of suicide, and connect them to appropriate help
How personal and community beliefs about suicide affect suicide stigma and safety

Learning Outcomes

Students will become comfortable using an evidence-based method for helping individuals thinking of suicide keep safe
How to get involved in life protection, preservation, and promotion activities in the community

Course Format

safeTALK is a half-day in person workshop

Why think about mental health in the workplace?

20% of all sick days in Canada are related to mental health

Ongoing training is one of the highest valued benefits for employees, and Workplace Workshops provide a cost effective solution for improving workplace mental health through live or recorded webinars, in person workshops, or online training

Not sure where to start?

Offering Mental Health First Aid is a great place to start, and we offer significant discounts for organizations that can provide their own space

Looking for something more unique?

We've done it all! wether you're interested in a self care workshop, something that helps staff balance work and life, or cope with stressful occupations, we can provide something for you. Contact us below with what you have in mind and we'll give you some options

James Caspersen


James has a passion for promoting mental health that is rooted in the belief that health and mental health are inseparable, and everyone experiences their own mental health. 

With undergraduate education in health sciences from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver BC, James has gone on to pursue higher education in counselling, public health, and project management. He has over 12 years experience is in community services, the homeless serving sector, recreational therapy, and mental health and substance use services (although he prefers to refer to the latter as just “health services”).  James has been facilitating training and workshops for over 8 years. 

Email: james@claritytraining.ca
Phone: 778-316-7755
Mail: #206-201 W 1st St. North Vancouver, BC V7M 1B3

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